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The horse-related Modern Pentathlon saga refuses to end

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A short while ago, the governing body of the Modern Pentathlon, the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM), has decided to remove horseback riding from the Olympic event and replace it with some other sport, that doesn’t include animals. This was the direct result of the  Annika Schleu debacle (in which the German rider whipped...Read More

The Annika Schleu Debacle: This isn’t horseback riding; Heck, it’s not even sportsmanship

Even longtime equestrians, who love the Olympics and sports in general, were surprised to discover the Modern Pentathlon – an obscure Olympic event, in which participants swim, run, fence, shoot and ride horses, in a bizarre attempt to mimic the skills of a soldier. The first four skills are fine, but when it comes to...Read More