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The Annika Schleu Debacle: This isn’t horseback riding; Heck, it’s not even sportsmanship

Even longtime equestrians, who love the Olympics and sports in general, were surprised to discover the Modern Pentathlon – an obscure Olympic event, in which participants swim, run, fence, shoot and ride horses, in a bizarre attempt to mimic the skills of a soldier. The first four skills are fine, but when it comes to...Read More

Getting back in the Saddle: The Lunacy of Equestrians

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This is a chapter from my book, Recovering from an Injury: the Road to Healing I wrote this book during my recovery, after my horse, Talo, fell on me. I broke my ankle and my pelvis, and seriously strained my knee. Rehabilitation was a long, interesting journey, which helped me learn a lot about the...Read More