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As time moves on

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Everything is crazy in Israel right now, war and everything, but I am very thankful to have Talo and the bliss (and annoyances) he brings with him.

Time moves on. My horse is getting older. Talo is now 23.5 years old. He’s in good shape for his age, but of course we don’t work at the same intensity as before. I have been riding him bareback for a year and a half now, and it’s been great for both of us. I’ve considered buying him a nice western saddle, but since the bareback pad is working so well, I decided there’s no need to money on that. I did buy some saddle bags, I’ll see how to fit them to the pad when they get delivered.

We still work in the arena, but only once a week or so. Talo works great, we’re doing lots of lateral work like side step and leg yield, and the obligatory end-of-ride canter, which always makes me very happy. Talo also gets two days off a week, which he usually spends in the grassy turnout.

As for the rest of the days – we’re hacking! The weather is perfect right now. It’s mid-December, but winter is refusing to arrive. The air is clear, the sun is shining and it’s not too cold, even early in the morning, and we just stroll around the stables and go out to the fields that surround it. Talo spends most of the ride eating grass, of course, or stealing the occasional sweet potato from the field. He handles scary stuff rather well, usually, but there’s still some drama sometimes, which reminds me that he still has that streak of hot blood in him 🙂

Today I shampooed his tail and mane, and spent a bit more time with him than usual. He is truly a wonderful horse, and I am very happy that he is in my life.

Time moves on, and I am feeling blessed. Thank you for being my horse, Talo. I love you!


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