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Winter is the best time of the year

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Talo thrives during the winter. The temperatures are dropping and he is so happy! Summer is so hard for him, even when he is in his stall with a fan. He really suffers in the Israeli weather, my poor European horse.

Not that we get any real winter here. It’s December and the temperatures are still around 20 Celsius during the day, and around 14 during the night. It’s going to get colder soon (time to break out the fleece horse blanket), but in the mean time, it’s perfect weather for my silly little horse. Our riding sessions last about an hour, and he is still rather energetic after that. He loves rolling in the mud when I turn him out (the muddiest, the better!) and of course – there’s the grass. Green, glorious, luscious grass, growing all around the stables. I do my best to take him for nice grazing trips, especially during the weekends.

Rain is expected this weekend. More mud and grass for Talo!

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