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What to do while your horse is on stall rest?

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Talo had some injections for his somewhat-aching joints and he is on stall rest for a few days. I hope everything will be fine on Monday afternoon – that’s when I plan to ride and see what’s what.

In the mean time, since I can’t ride or even walk him, I plan to take on a few tasks:

  • Ultra grooming: of course I take good care of Talo on a daily basis, but now we have plenty of time and no need to rush, so every grooming will be super meticulous!
  • General pampering: even more than usual! So many carrots!!!
  • Tack cleaning and oiling: I usually oil the bridle and saddle once a week, usually during the weekend. This week I’ll find some time to clean everything, including brushes, and give the leather articles a good oiling and buffing.
  • Order in the locker: things always seem to pile up there, don’t they?
  • Help around the stables: the grooms in the stables are very busy. I think I can find some time to help them with some tasks. I was thinking of tack cleaning, since this area seems to be neglected.
  • Help with other private horses.

I love to keep myself busy, but I really can’t wait to be back in the saddle!

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