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What happens when you ask an AI for horse pictures

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AI-generated images are all over the internet these days. I was a bit of a skeptic at first, but after trying a few AI image engines, I got hooked. Being the horse-girl that I am, of course I asked each and every one of them for horse images. I got some very interesting results, but the most impressive AI, by far, is Dall-E 2.

The first prompt I gave Dall-E was: “A chestnut horse with birdcatcher spots in a flower field, realistic”. I really didn’t expect the AI to figure out birdcatcher spots (Talo has them all over, but it’s a rare genetic trait), but Dall-E basically gave me a picture of Talo! On the left is the AI generated image. Talo is on the right.

Talo the horse generated by Dall-e

I got some freaky stuff, sure, but generally speaking, Dall-E created some beautiful horse images, some of them from abstract prompts. This one made me chuckle (the prompt was “I love my horse”):

Here are some more horse images generated by Dall-E:

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