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We went outside!

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Talo is a real spook-meister, that’s nothing new. Still, with a lot of patience, I managed to calm him down slightly. I try to expose him to many different experiences, and he is improving immensely. For example, he used to bolt every time someone rearranged the dressage arena (moving letters! the horror!!!). Nowadays, he still lifts his heads and looks in concern, but he doesn’t bolt anymore (well, most of the times…), and if he does, it’s only for a few paces.

Still, I’ve had him for a year and hadn’t dared going outside the stable’s perimeter. On Saturday it’s all very quiet around the ranch, so I decided to take a little risk and go out on the path that leads to the park. I was joined by another rider and we went for a short walk outside! Talo was VERY excited, he did his Grand-Prix walk and looked around a lot. I couldn’t really let him loose with long reins, but he was pretty much OK, to my amazement. The only thing that really made him scared was a couple of people on those stupid hover boards or whatever you might call them.

I was very proud of him, and of  course I would take him outside again as much as I can.

Lately he seems reluctant to go back to the stall, too, which makes me kind of sad. I wish I could stay with him outside all day and let him have as much fun as he wants.

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