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We found the best turnout today!

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The new stables has a few lovely grass turnouts. They are free to use and after the initial excitement, Talo has learned to enjoy them. I usually take him there after a ride, so he can chill-out a bit and enjoy the grass.

Today, his favorite turnout was occupied, so we went a bit further ahead, to the last turnout, which is basically the one farthest from the stables themselves. Since it’s the farthest one, no one takes their horses there, because it’s a longer walk. So, it’s not used much. Thus, the grass is thicker, higher and more abundant. SCORE! There’s even some shade for me to sit in, courtesy of a couple of rare trees (these stables don’t have a lot of trees). We stayed for about an hour and a half. I only took him out because it got too hot. However, now I know where the best grass is, and we’ll go there as much as possible.

Here are 3 pics I took of him during his stay:

Talo the horse - grass turnout

Talo grass turnout


Yesterday I tried riding with my regular saddle. It didn’t go very well. My ankle hurt badly and I was uncomfortable. After a few minutes of tests and tries, I took Talo back and put on the bareback pad. He was as happy as I was to get back to that. I’ll give the saddle a go during the week. We are expecting a couple of very hot days, so I might use them for shorter, gentler rides for both of our sake.

Happy weekend!

Birdcatcher spots - Talo the horse
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