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Horse Owners Worries

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When you own a horse, there’s always something to get ticked off about, always something that makes you worry. Even when the situation is the way you want it, you might find something to worry about. Nothing’s ever right, is it? 🙂

Here are a few examples:

“Damn it, there’s no poop in his stall this morning! Are you colicing on me?”

And on the flip side:

“Damn it, couldn’t you wait with the pooping until we are out in the arena?!”


“Why aren’t you drinking? You will get dehydrated! You’ll get a colic! Drink!”

“Ugh, why are you drinking and peeing so much lately? Maybe you have a kidney problem! Or diabetes!!!”


“He’s not getting enough turn-out time!”

“I’m afraid he’ll injure himself in the turn-out again, so I am keeping him in his stall today”.


“He’s working too hard, we should up his food intake”.

A week later:

“He’s getting fat! No more feed for you!!!”.



“Why aren’t you rolling in the mud, are you feeling OK?!?!”.


“He’s not getting enough interaction with other horses, I should let him play with that horse he likes”.

“THAT HORSE JUST TOUCHED HIM! OMG, he got bitten by another horse! Shoo! Back to the stall”.


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