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Things are looking up

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It took a while, but things have gotten much better with Talo. The mounting drama has subsided measurably, and the rides have been lovely. I am just so grateful for every day we have together – whether it’s riding or just hand-walking and eating grass. He’s such a wonderful horse.

We are also doing new stuff while working! Talo is learning to stand still while I lean over and open the arena’s gate. We are also doing side passes, and I am desensitizing him to “scary” stuff, like flailing jackets and pieces of fabric attached to a whip. He’s doing great, and catching on nicely. It’s not all perfect (not even the mounting), but I am feeling much better about it all, my confidence is back and I feel like I’ve learned a lot during the past few months. When I get the chance, I think I’ll find a horse training course and learn more new things.

I allowed myself a tacking spree, and bought some new grooming brushes, horse rugs and riding breeches. Can’t wait for all of it to get here… I didn’t really NEED all of that, but I felt like spoiling myself. I know Talo doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the color of his rugs, but look how pretty he is in purple!

Talo the horse in a purple rug


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