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Temperatures are rising

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Talo turned out

Actually, it’s been hot around here since May. Israel is a hot country, and summer time is especially difficult for any living being. It’s hot, it’s humid and the air doesn’t seem to be moving at all.

I don’t mind the summer that much, but Talo, a European horse (KWPN), finds the summer a tad tiring, although we are working well as usual.

I try to ride very early in the morning, before it gets REALLY hot. There’s also a closed arena in the barn, but these days it’s taken by summer camp. My riding lesson was at 10am, so there wasn’t much choice – we road outside in the hear.

It wasn’t too bad, really. I mean, it IS hot and humid, and feels like you are breathing inside an oven, but we did some very good stretch work, with low-contact and many transitions (trot to walk, collected trot to medium trot, sitting trot to posting trot and some canter transitions as well). Talo was great, but was breathing very heavy after 25 minutes. Gave him plenty of water and a good shower, some bonus carrots and lots of love. Thankfully, his stall has a big, strong fan, so he can rest nicely.

Me? I don’t need any rest now 🙂 I have errands to run, so it’s out to the sun again for me!




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