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Talo, the young jumper

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Talo has quite a history here in Israel. He was brought here from the Netherlands at a young age (around 5), and actually started his way as a show-jumper. He used to compete in the 1.20 meters, but from what I hear, he wasn’t very good at it, nor did he seem to like it very much.

Not surprising. I am not a big fan of show jumping in general, and it’s obvious that Talo was born to be a perfect dressage star. We are not competing anymore, of course, but Talo remains a star.

The sass is apparent, even in these old pictures. I know, I’m his mommy. Trust me. I can feel the sass. Not much has changed. He is still super-sassy. He is, after all, Talo.

What is also very interesting to see, is the fact that he has no spots in these pictures. Talo was born a chestnut with a funny blaze – but a chestnut. Over the years he has sprouted birdcatcher spots, which make him remarkable and memorable (along with his personality, of course).

Now, all I need is photos of Talo as a foal. Fat chance, though. He was born in 2000 – a long time before Facebook, Instagram and smartphones. Not many photos from this era are online. I bet he was cute as foal. And full of sass, of course.

And here he these days, in case you’ve forgotten how he looks like:

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