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We are riding again (and pictures of Talo)

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We are riding again, almost normally. It’s still ain’t easy for me – there are aches and pains, and Talo is used to a free run at the end of our workout, which I can’t handle at the moment. Also got one hell of a Jock Itch, but let’s not talk about that, shall we? Anyway, we ride every day, I enjoy the bareback pad so much, I am not sure I want to go back to a regular saddle. Doesn’t matter at the moment, anyway. My ass is still not ready for a regular saddle. I am actually seriously considering buying a treeless saddle. We’ll see about that…

The new stables are pretty cool. The indoor arena allows me to come later in the morning, Talo seems to be eating well and enjoying the company of his stall neighbors, and it’s generally nicer and quieter there. I don’t miss the old stables one bit. And of course, there are the grass turnouts, which are great. Talo has gotten used to them and enjoys his time there. Here are a few pics of him from last Friday.


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