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Revitalo – The Photo-Shoot

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About a month and a half ago, I had a professional photographer come over to the barn and take photos of me and Talo.

I’ve had Talo for two years or so, and although I have nice pictures of him (that I took with my Nikon D7100), I didn’t have good pics of BOTH OF US. I had some selfies and random photos taken by random people with random phones. The quality was mediocre at best. The curse of being the photographer…

The photo-shoot took place on an early Saturday, and was actually tons of fun. I enjoyed being with Talo and have someone else document our moments together. We took some photos outside the barn, on the lawn and of course – riding in the outside arena. It was great! Talo behaved marvelously. He looks so docile and sweet in the pictures, although some of them reflect his TRUE naughty nature. The weather was almost winter-like, which made for great light. I ended up with about 500 photographs. Most of them are cool, some are amazing but all of them made me very happy, because each captured a moment I had with the best horse in the world. Not surprisingly, I smile and laugh in most of the pictures, which just goes to show how happy Talo makes me.

Here are some of the pics.

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