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Last week we had a training session with a Dutch trainer, that visits Israel once in a while. The last time we trained with her was almost 2 years ago, so it’s been a while.

First of all, she remembered us well. Of course, Talo is a memorable horse 🙂 She said he looked great for a 19-year old horse, and that made me very happy. I was also genuinely pleased to hear that she thinks we’ve advanced nicely, that my seat is very good and that we look good and harmonious together. It really was a great feeling to hear such positive feedback from a professional, and to feel that there actually WAS progress in the time that passed between the training sessions.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t much more room for improvement – keeping Talo’s impulsion through the ride and making him more attentive, for example. The trainer also lengthened my left stirrup in one hole… That was totally weird, but worked wonders on my tendency to pinch my left knee. Turns out, the stirrup was simply too short, so my leg couldn’t drop comfortably down as it should.

During the week that followed that session we had some great rides, Talo and me. He was very energetic and sweet, which always makes me happy.

Today he has a day off, as there’s a showjumping competition in the stables (bo-ring!). The competition will continue tomorrow, as well, but I plan to come very early and ride. Two days in a row off is too much for Talo.

So, there was progress. It’s never linear, but it exists.

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