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Our first colic and not-so-first missile attacks

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Talo’s digestive system seemed to be invincible. As far as I know, he’s never had a colic. Well, there’s always a first, isn’t it?

A few days ago (Tuesday), I came to the stables as usual, very early in the morning. Talo seemed fine, albeit a bit quieter than usual. We tacked up and went to ride. He threw his head a lot and was unhappy, though he did poop in the arena. I finished the ride and took him to the turnout. He didn’t want to eat and looked apathetic. Put him back in his stall and he still wouldn’t eat, and kept showing signs of discomfort with twisting his jaw and head. I thought maybe he had something in his tongue or mouth, like a thorn, but that wasn’t it.

I called the vet, and he came and diagnosed a colic. He did a rectal exam and took out some hard and dry poop. We started him on IV fluids and got a hose with paraffin oil and water into his stomach. Also gave him a sedative for the pain. It went on all day. By night time I was getting a bit tired, so I took him to his stall and went home to change my clothes and freshen up. I was ready for a full night in the stables. Just when I got into the city, the missile sirens began. Hamas has picked that exact time to bomb Tel Aviv. So, I got out of the car, got down on the pavement and covered my head. When the attack was over, I went back to the car, but the sirens began again. And again. It took me a while to get home, and also to realize I don’t feel like spending the night alone in the stables, with no real cover, while missiles are being launched on every city in central and southern Israel.

I somehow managed to find a hauler and get Talo to the veterinary hospital, who is, thankfully, very close to the stables. And of course, the minute we got in, Talo passed his first poop of the day… The stress of the entire experience must have done it. The poop was much softer and wetter – a good sign! Still, we decided to keep him over night. He was given more oil and fluids, and I went home for a few hours, foolishly thinking I might get like 4 hours of sleep, and that would be great.

Nope. Not much sleep. Missiles were launched on Tel Aviv around 3am, in a few volleys. So, after a rough night for both of us, I went back to the Bet Dagan hospital. Talo has pooped nicely during the night, and seemed a lot better in general. I stayed there with him all day. He pooped some oily manure, and after a while began to pass oil only (because he wasn’t allowed food for a day and a half). Yuck. Poor baby, he wasn’t happy at all. Still, it was an improvement, his bowels were making better noises and he seemed fine. He was so hungry! He tried to eat everything in sight when I took him for walks while still in the hospital. At noon, he was allowed small amounts of hay and he even began to drink by himself (he was taken off of fluids in the late morning).

We were released home in the afternoon. I was happy to be back home (at the stables) with him, but still worried about him. At this point, he wasn’t pooping much, because he wasn’t fed for a while. So I gave him some more hay and went home. The following day he pooped a little bit more, but it wasn’t until Friday that he started pooping what seemed like his regular amount.

I am going back to the stables this morning, of course. He has a week off and his food intake needs to be regulated. I don’t feel we are 100% out of the woods, but he seems much better. I am just happy he’s hungry and alert 🙂

It’s been a hell of a week. Today also marks the one year “anniversary” of my injury. Time flies by and the challenges never end. Still, I get to be with my silly horse every day, and I can’t ask for more.

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