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One Crutch Upgrade

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It’s been eight days since I’ve started putting weight on my injured (healing) leg. I am not walking normally yet. My hip joint and groin hurt when I put too much weight on my right side, but you have to push through that, and walk as much as possible.

I went back to using the walker for a few days, because it allowed me to walk straighter and helped me keep my balance. My body is reluctant to put weight on my right side. I need to re-educate it, teach myself to walk symmetrically again. It’s hard. Add to that my MCL injury, which doesn’t want to go away, and I feel like a big mess. Yeah, that’s me, the impatient healer. It’s been 2 months since my injury. There’s progress, but really not enough to my taste. My physiotherapist says I am a perfectionist. Well, darling, I am a dressage rider. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

So, riding. Yeah. That’s pretty far off at the moment. First, I want to be able to drive to the stables and walk around in a normal manner, so I can take care of Talo, including lunging him. Then I’ll see when I feel that my body is strong enough for me to climb into a saddle (or a saddle pad, we’ll see).

In the mean time, I upgraded myself to walking with one crutch. It frees one hand, so I can do more stuff around the house. More physio to come this week, and then more exercises, more patience and more me wanting to get the fuck out of here and back to my life. It’s gonna be a while.

Here’s to the next upgrade. Wish me luck.

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