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Nicely done: A rider starting her weight loss journey

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I love the courage and dedication of Esther L. Roberts, who has decided she needs to lose weight in order to become healthier and also to be a better rider. This post has her first progress pics, in which you can see what a difference even 20 lbs can make when you lose weight.

Becoming a better rider was also MY motivation for losing weight, or more accurately – for changing my entire interaction with food, for life. The first step was cutting off sugar from my diet. Other things followed (I may write about it at a later time), and today I weigh almost 30kg less then I weighed a decade ago. So, it’s a long, non-ending process, and I intend to keep it up.

On a different topic – another too-hot of a week is coming up. I am going to give Talo another day off and make the riding way lighter. I really hope the weather will get better soon.

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