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New Home, New Challenges

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talo green farm

At the end of December 2017 we left the stables in Ramat Gan and entered our new home in Ramat Hasharon, the Green Farm.

Generally speaking, it’s a great place, and I enjoy riding there much more than I did in the previous stables. It’s a lovely spot, has lots of open spaces and many turn-out opportunities, and the best part – we can go hacking!

Talo was super alert and excited in the first couple of days. He was chill in his stall, but hyperactive in the arena. He settled down, eventually, but he still gets nervous about some things. That’s OK, I guess he just needs some time. The hacking is a different issue. He doesn’t seem to like it very much at the moment. I don’t go very far from the stables, but I try to do some hacking every day, so he can get used to it. I think Talo might like it better if he had a horsie partner, but I ride very early in the morning, and I am mostly alone in the stables at these hours. We’ll just have to wait and see.

It was nice to be accepted warmly, too. The staff is really nice, and my trainer is there, so it’s a big bonus for me.

Tomorrow I have a clinic with a trainer from Germany. His name is Danny Mayer. I couldn’t find any info on him online – I think I didn’t spell his name correctly… Anyway, I’m excited for that. I hope I don’t do anything stupid and embarrass myself 😛

Updates to follow (I should really try and write here more often).

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