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My Safe Haven

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Spring is here, but it’s hard to feel joy with the Corona scare spreading so quickly. It seems like the world is on the verge of collapse. It’s hard for me to avoid the news – I find the virus and the world’s reaction fascinating, in a grim, morbid way.

So I read the news, watch the stocks fall and wonder how and when is this going to end.

I try to think positively as much as possible. And I do try to enjoy the time in the stables. I am truly blessed, because every day I get to live the dream, the one I had my entire life – having a horse. Every day I get a few precious hours with Talo. He is so blissfully unaware of the turmoil. He lives from feeding to hand grazing, from turn-out time to grooming time to riding time. He cares about nothing but food, really, and he seems really happy, because right now the grass is green and lush, and all he wants to do is stay outside and eat.

I can’t avoid the bad thoughts, even when I am with him, but caring for him, riding and being around him helps me focus on the needs of the moment – the correct bend in the circle, getting the poop out of his hoofs, mucking the stall, cleaning the leather tack, making sure he doesn’t freak out TOO much when a truck goes by, giving him cold water after a long hour in the turn-out, brushing the dirt out of his mane… So many things to take care of – and they are all, eventually, mundane tasks that are simple pleasures, all help me to be in the NOW, taking care of what I can, while forgetting (even for a short while) about what’s not under my control.

Today I saw the first butterfly of the spring. The bees were buzzing about. Swifts and swallows whistled as they flew past us in an amazing speed. The grass was green and Talo was eating with gusto. It was sunny and warm and wonderful. These are the moments that give me strength to march on. My safe haven – time with my horse.

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