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Moving On

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Ever since the mess around Talo’s purchase (and quite frankly, even before that), I have been looking for a way out from the current stables I am in. Aside from money issues, it wasn’t easy finding a proper replacement boarding for my baby boy. There’s also the question of commuting, since most of the stables are outside the city, obviously.

I haven’t been happy in the Ramat Gan stables for quite some time now. The maintenance level of the stables, the general atmosphere and some specific annoying people made me look for the way out. And I have found it. So, at the end of this year, a few days from now, we’ll be moving on to the Green Farm, located in Ramat Hasharon. My trainer is already there, which is great, although I can’t train with him because of his cooling period. Doesn’t matter – just his presence made this an easy decision.

The new place seems rather quite and lovely, and I really hope Talo likes it. His best friend, Easy Blue, is also there at the moment, so hopefully they will continue to be turn-out buddies as they used to be in Ramat Gan.

Commuting is going to be longer, but I can live with that. You need to make compromises when in pursuit of your piece of mind. I have my concerns, this being a new place and all, but I hope we’ll settle in quickly and continue our wonderful journey together.

Talo is completely mine now, has been for almost 3 months now, and it feels like it’s been like that forever. I forgot about the assholes that co-owned him, and I love every minute we spend together. Sometimes I just look at him and it’s still hard for me to believe how incredibly lucky I am to have such a wonderful horse. I love you, baby boy, you are the best horse EVER!

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