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  • November 23, 2020 at 10:30 pm
    Cheryl Johnson

    I have a similar horse. I don’t know if this is big or practiced much where you live, but my horse benefited from ” natural horsemanship”. A big term that mostly means you work to get your horse to trust you to keep him safe. My horse was not easy to convince. Its taken years and years. A lot of waiting, not forcing him to go somewhere scary, but waiting until he decides its ok. As in waiting 45 minutes to let him decide to walk into a dark wash rack etc instead of using slaps etc. Most of these horses were not given the time or the right response when they were young when they were fearful and they don’t forget. They also most likely were weaned too early before their dam gave them confidence. And for several years I sat in my horses stall after rides, just being with him. He also was not affectionete at all, until recently. He finally has after 5 long years accepted me as his person. We are not 100 percent but so so much better. Every time I ride I hand walk first around arena letting the reins go and ask him to follow me. For years he would do it for a short time and then just veer away and wander off with no concern for me. Its taken a long time for him to turn to me and see me as a safe haven.


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