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Horse pictures created by Midjourney, an AI image generator

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It’s been only a few months since I’ve started having AI fun, and the technology has already advanced in leaps and bounds. I’ve already ditched DALL-E 2 completely and moved on to using Midjourney. DALL-E was fun for a while, but its development stalled, and Midjourney sailed right passed it, and took the whole image generation scene into new realms.

Of course, I generate a lot of horse images via Midjourney. Here are a few of them.

This one is kinda bleak, but still very cool – I asked for an image of the last horse on earth.

This one is cheerier:

You can also get very dramatic pics, like these:

Adding “knolling” to prompts will get you funky images like these:

I also have a sweet ginger cat, so this is what happened when I tried to add him to the party:

And this is one of the first prompts I tried – a chestnut horse with birdcatcher spots in a flower fields. Obviously, Midjourney doesn’t know what are birdcatcher spots, but it’s an interesting image nonetheless.

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