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Happy Horse in the Grass Turnout

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We made it! The grass turnout looked so far away at first. These new stables are HUGE. I figured it’s going to take me a week or so more to reach them, with Talo at hand.

Lo and behold, we made it there much sooner than I expected. Talo is struggling to walk slowly. He doesn’t understand why I am not walking briskly with him. It actually gives me the opportunity to work with him on groundwork and discipline.

Anyway, I digress. We made it to the grass turnout two days ago. So yesterday, I decided to put on his boots and set him loose. He was SO EXCITED!!! He ran and ran, neighed his heart out and even slipped and fell one time… Silly horse. He’s still too excited to eat peacefully, but I hope to release him every day and help him get used to this new luxury. After all, when Talo is happy, I am happy.

Here’s another video of him, neighing.

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