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“Gradual return to work”? I don’t know what that is and I don’t care! LET’S CANTER!

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Talo rested for a week. Lots of love (as usual), turnout time and nothing much, really. During the last 2-3 days of his rest I did some very light lunging with him, since he wasn’t moving much at the turnout. I was actually worried about that, because sometimes he does have turnout-zoomies, but didn’t seem to want to run all that much. He’s been pooping and eating well after the colic, so I was just concerned about his legs and lack of movement.

We went back to riding on Wednesday. I decided to ride with the bareback pad, and do a very light ride. So we did. Mostly walks, some trot and a tiny bit of canter. I went back to the saddle on Thursday, thinking to continue the gradual return to work. Talo, my 21 years-young reckless child that he is, was having none of that. He was energetic from the get-go, but it wasn’t until the warmup canter that his energies really showed up. The fact that there was another horse in the arena at this point only fueled his bravado. We cantered on the left side and then on the right, and then he signaled to me he wants to canter on the left again, and CANTER he did. It wasn’t the fastest canter he’s ever done or anything, but it was fast and powerful enough, let me tell ya. He ran around happily, releasing some pent up energy, and built up a good sweat. I was smiling the whole time, of course. Cantering with Talo is one of the best feelings in the world, all the more so when it’s after he’s been under the weather. It warms my heart to see he’s back to his regular, silly self.

Also, he got beer for his 21st birthday, which was on May 18th. He didn’t seem to care much for it 🙂


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