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Getting back on track

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We’re back! Well, sort of.

This weekend I tried driving and realized it was perfectly alright for me to do so. Got my car to my Dad’s house and this morning I made my way to the stables – on my own, for the first time since the injury.

I can move around very slowly and with a slight limp, and I can’t be on my feet for too long yet, but it was enough time for me to groom Talo, get a lot of kisses and licks, and pamper him with alfalfa cubes. It was fun. I can’t walk him or turn him out yet, let alone lunge him, but just being there with him for a while was great, and boosted my mood immensely.

The plan for this week is to visit the stables every day. When my walk and balance become more stable and proper, I’ll start walking around with Talo and turning him out. That’s the short range plan. As for riding – it can wait a while longer. For the time being, getting back to a horsey routine and environment is a huge step forward for me. YAY!

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