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eGlove Horseback Riding Gloves: Review

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Equestrian tack issues… We all have them, don’t we? We love beautiful riding gear, and we enjoy buying more and more of it, even though we don’t really need it. Some of us but all the saddle pads they can find, some concentrate on breeches and shirts, other look for glamorous browbands. My personal fetish is gloves. I have so many riding gloves, it’s really astonishing. I think I have more than 10 pairs, all of them are still in great condition and there was no reason to buy more, except, well – I just love them! Plus, compared to other pieces of gear and clothing, they are relatively cheap.

Up until lately, I’ve had mostly brown, black and blue gloves. My two favorite brands were Heritage and Roeckl. Although Heritage offers some color variation, it’s not a huge one, and Roeckl is more about muted colors. My favorite colors to put on Talo are green and red, and let me tell you – finding good red riding gloves isn’t an easy feat. A while back I managed to get my hands on a pair of red Roeckl gloves, but they were very hard to find, and I wanted more options. I started looking online and quickly landed in the eGlove website.

eglove equestrian gloves

eGlove offers a variety of gloves – for equestrians, golfers, bicycle riders and more. What caught my eye was the lovely, colorful variety of their equestrian offering: from yellow to pink to jade green, through purple, merlot and orange – they really do have it all. The prices are around 20 British Pounds for a pair (not very expensive, really), although they have sales in which you can get gloves for as low as 10 GBP. I ordered three pairs, and they quickly arrived.

The colors of the gloves were great and bright, and the leather is nice and sturdy. They are thicker than the regular Roeckl dressage gloves, for example, and they do require some breaking in. The purple set I got needed 3-4 rides in order to feel nice and soft. The green ones seemed more supple and they felt more comfortable during the first ride. The stitching looks good. The Velcro closure is strong, although it is a tad big and wide to my taste. It’s still winter here in Israel, and these gloves kept my hands nice and warm. They might be a bit too thick for the Israeli summer, but we’ll have to wait and see.

eglove horseback riding gloves

All in all, these are great gloves. They are comfy, have a good grip and the colors are wonderful. The price is very reasonable, and I will definitely follow their site to see if they get any more interesting colors. If you love riding gloves and are into matchy-matchy, you really should check eGlove out.

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