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Back in the saddle

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Well, it was a bareback pad and not a saddle, and it was for all of five minutes – but I got back on Talo’s back! 🙂

He was super sweet, behaved nicely and was very connected. Spooked a bit at the weird horse statue near the indoor arena. That was very understandable, it’s a very freaky statue. We did some walking in the arena, circles and some soft leg-yield. It was so nice! Of course it wasn’t very comfortable for me, yet. I could feel my seat bones because of the lack of muscle in my butt. My hip joints have forgotten their place and sudden movements are still scary and painful on the right side. But fuck all of that. I RODE TODAY! That is all. We’ll get back in shape with time. Small steps, I’m OK with that.

Here we are in the arena:




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