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Another tooth bites the dust

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Talo has EOTRH, which is basically a tooth disease that slowly progresses as he ages. We’ve already taken out some of his front teeth (which is the only solution to the problem), and everything seems fine.

A few days ago, I noticed that one of his front teeth in the lower jaw was broken. The vet explained that it happens in EOTRH, since the tooth becomes weak and ill. So, another tooth extraction!

Talo is known to drop out of sedation rather quickly, so as usual, the vet had to give him quite a few shots during the extraction. It wasn’t easy, since EOTRH makes the tooth much thicker inside the gums, but eventually, she got the tooth out.

Those extractions are never fun, but it’s for the best, and Talo is a real trooper. Soon after the sedation wore off, he ate hay like nothing happened. He’s getting some antibiotics and pain killers for a few days, and of course – no riding for a week or so. I visited him this morning and he was hungry and annoying as usual. That’s my boy!


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