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An Almost Perfect Day

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After a few rainy, super-cold days, the sun was out, the temperatures were nice and the day had the makings of a perfect one.

Yesterday’s ride wasn’t very good. I had to come to the stables in the afternoon, because it rained in the morning. The arenas were still muddy and very crowded. Talo was out of focus and felt very tense. I tried to make him long, low and relaxed, like we usually ride, but it didn’t happen. The kids and the other horses, the noises and distractions – he was having none of it. It was OK, don’t get me wrong, but not to the standard I prefer.

Also, we have some issues with mounting lately – Talo decided to start a fast trot the second I mount him, and it’s been rather tiresome. After watching yet another wonderful video by the wonderful Warwick Schiller, I decided to try the techniques he showed.

It actually worked. Not immediately or perfectly like in the video, but after a few tries, I mounted and Talo stood quietly. The ride was lovely, Talo was connected and sweet. I gave him a short rest in his stall and then we went out for hand grazing. It was fun, quiet, the sun was warm and pleasant… And then we turned to get back to the stables.

A car came behind us. No biggie, Talo isn’t usually afraid of cars. But this one sort of spooked him. We were just crossing the road. I tried to hold him on a short lead, but he was pulling real hard. I let him canter a few happy steps, he wasn’t looking spooked, just excited, nothing that hasn’t happened before. I let the lead rope lengthen and ran with him a few steps… and then he slipped, full body on the road. I stumbled and banged my knee. I was so scared for him! He stood right up, and ran towards the stables. I caught up with him and led him back home.

Damage done: an ugly scrape on his left site, a small cut on him left front leg. A banged knee and a torn pair of breeches for me (one of my favorites). Thankfully, this seems to be it. I treated the wound and put Talo back in his stall. He then complained that I was late with his Alfalfa cubes. Of course. Seemed completely unfazed by the whole incident.

Shit was scary, let me tell you. I swear I have some new white hairs because of it. I just hope no real harm was done. Talo seemed fine, no pain or swelling, eating, pooping and peeing as usual. Just a nasty fall, that’s all. And it was an almost perfect day, I say.

Sigh. Horses. The fun never ends.

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