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About the walk

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After a week of a sudden onset lameness, Talo finally seemed to be fine today. I did a short lounge with him, just to make sure, and rode him for a few minutes. I was delighted to finally let him be outside in the turn-out, too. He was out for an hour and seemed very happy. So was I 🙂

Tomorrow, we shall try an easy, stretchy ride, no more than 20 minutes. Turn out after that.

I thought about how lovely it was just to ride him, even when it was mostly a walk. I know that the walk is not an easy gait to master, and I also know for sure we have a lot to improve in that area. I actually really enjoy practicing the walk – it’s more relaxed and subtle, and allows me to check my balance and use very delicate aids.

I read this great article – The Queen of Gaits – which thoroughly explains the importance of the walk and the best ways to practice it.  I will try some of the advice and tips in it, soon.

Seems like we won’t be going out to competitions in the first half of the season. There are money issues, but most importantly – I am still not sure Talo is 100% well, and don’t want to burden him with the stress of competitions. We’ll see. In the mean time, I’m just happy to be with him and enjoy the fact that he’s the best horse ever :).

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