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A Different Morning

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I am usually in the barn every morning, including the weekend, and since it’s very hot – I try to ride as early as possible.

Today, though, the girl I co-own Talo with asked to ride in the morning. It’s kinda weird for me, not seeing Talo in the morning, but I’ll go there in the evening. Will try an evening ride today!

Yesterday I turned him out just when the sun was starting to set. It was great! The weather was relatively pleasant and Talo was so happy to be outside. He rolled in the sand, of course, and then ran a bit with me, showing his happiness to be out of the stall. He stayed out for two hours – which is rare, because usually he asks to go back home after an hour or so. He also had some company in the form of his stall neighbor, Easy Blue. She doesn’t like him very much, and there was a fence between them, but they ate together and seemed more relaxed simply because another horse was around.

So, we went back home when it was dark, and I guess we’ll do the same today. I’ll make use of this free morning by working and going to the market. My boy needs his carrots and I need my veggies!

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